When the day is slowly coming to the end and the children have gone to sleep, or when the weather outside the window does not encourage activity and You want to relax with a good book and a cup of warm tea, then You will appreciate the advantages of our armchair - a chaise longue, which was named after a reason. "RELAX".

This extremely comfortable piece of furniture is available as a set with the footstool and a small pillow shown in the photos. The furniture is characterized by ergonomic shapes tailored to the needs of the body and soul. 

Both the armchair itself and the footstool are placed on wooden, lacquered legs painted black. The armchair is available in a wide range of fabrics. You can choose from soft velvet fabrics (imitating velvet) or from a range of microfiber fabrics with a visible material structure. In both cases, many upholstery colors are available. Series of armchairs in other, non-standard fabrics appear from time to time.

The structure of the furniture is based on a wooden frame, plywood and thick T-30 foam supported by belts attached to the frame. The detailed dimensions of the armchair are presented in the graphic materials below. The furniture is extremely light, and thanks to its low weight, despite its large dimensions, it can be moved around the room without much effort without the support of another person.