Corner sofa with sleep function

An extremely comfortable, soft corner sofa. The interesting design is based on numerous roundings and curves. The backrest function consists of three backrest pillows filled with foam granules. GALLET has a sleep function with a lift mechanism.

The construction is made of chipboard and pine sawn timber. Sleeping function on a "DL type" fift mechanism. The furniture has a storage under 2-seater.

All seats with, "type B" wave springs covered with comfortable upholstery foam type T-2830 and T-2315. Legs made of black plastic, 2.5 cm high.

- Length : 284cm
- Width: 167cm
- Height: 89cm
- Seat height: 46cm
- Seat depth 2QBK: 56cm
- LC seat depth: 118cm
- Leg height: 2.5cm