The MONACO collection is a proposal of comfortable, extremely soft corner sofas. The seat structure is based on B-type wave springs covered with T-28 upholstery foams of varying degrees of hardness. In this way, we achieved the effect of "collapsing" into the furniture while maintaining its durability.

The armrests are also designed in such a way that you can sit on them comfortably. They are covered with 4 cm of upholstery foam. Three-chamber cushions filled with granules serve as the backrest.

The collection includes:
- small MONACO corner sofa with a chaise lounge
- medium MONACO corner sofa with an ottoman
- large, panoramic corner sofa with an ottoman and a U-shaped chaise lounge

The furniture is available in the configurations shown, with a choice of left or right versions. The corner sofas are equipped with a "DL" type sleeping function with a lowered backrest and a white bedding box located under the seat in the sleeping function. The seat is raised using an automatic lift mechanism.

The furniture is available in a full fabric pattern. The model in the photos is made of plush SORRISO fabric. The second interesting option for dressing MONACO furniture are corduroy fabrics.