Corner sofa with sleep function

SUSANE is a comfortable, medium-sized lounge furniture. It is equipped with a sleeping function and a bedding container.

The furniture construction is made of chipboard and pine sawn timber. The backrest function is performed by three backrest pillows filled with ground upholstery foam. SOUSAN  has a bedding box under 2-seater. Bedding box made of raw chipboard.

Seats made of wooden frames, type B wave springs, covered with comfortable upholstery foam type HR3030, T3038, T2538.

Plastic legs, 5 cm high.

- Length: 284 cm
- Width: 167 cm
- Height: 89 cm
- Seat height: 46 cm
- 2-seater depth: 56 cm
- LC seat depth: 118 cm
- Leg height: 2.5 cm